Your Ultimate Guide:

Payroll Solutions
in Thailand

Streamlining Payroll in Thailand: Cost-Efficient Solutions for Business Success

Your Ultimate Guide:

Payroll Solutions
in Thailand

Streamlining Payroll in Thailand: Cost-Efficient Solutions for Business Success


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Your Ultimate Guide to Payroll Solutions in Thailand.

Your Ultimate Guide to Payroll Solutions in Thailand.

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide for Payroll Solutions in Thailand.

Are you in search of an optimal economic environment for business expansion? Thailand, boasting a flourishing economy and impressively low unemployment rates, emerges as an enticing prospect. With a robust presence in both industrial and service sectors – the former propelling strong exports and the latter deeply rooted in tourism and finance – and a substantial part of its population involved in agriculture, Thailand unfolds diverse opportunities. Its economy has sustained consistent growth since the mid-1990s, ensuring a promising trajectory into the future.

For those contemplating Thailand as their next business frontier, it is imperative to delve into the myriad options available. This guide aims to furnish you with invaluable insights and knowledge, empowering you to make well-informed decisions when considering the expansion of your business operations in this dynamic market.

Payroll in Thailand

Payroll in Thailand

When it comes to Thailand payroll, company payroll and taxes in Thailand come with certain stipulations and regulations you must follow.

Employers in Thailand must withhold income tax, employee payroll tax, and social security contributions from their pay before submitting it to the Thailand Revenue Department.

Income tax rates in Thailand range from 0% for lowest-earning employees up to 35% for workers earning more than earning more than 4 million Thailand baht.

Social security contributions for employer and employee amount to 5% of salaries, topping out at 750 Thailand baht per month.

You must issue pay slips for each pay period, either online or on paper, for every employee so they know how much was deducted from their gross pay.

Your company is under obligation to maintain payroll records for at least 7 years.

Payroll outsourcing in Thailand is legal, and it’s a great way to save your company money by handling mundane payroll services and ensuring that you fully comply with Thai law. It stands to reason that investing in great Employer of Record Services in Thailand would help you immensely in easing your entry into Thailand.

Benefits of payroll services in Thailand include:

  • Thailand payroll calculation
  • Submitting regular payroll tax forms every month
  • Payroll for temporary and contract staff for local and foreign employees
  • Payroll set-up and administration
  • Covering all administrative and statutory requirements
  • Regulatory compliance with local labor laws



Stephen Park
Stephen Park

Senior Well Test Supervisor

“When you are a professional working remotely from Thailand you need a reliable and efficient agency for your HR related matters. Aster Lion have done exactly that over the last 2 years giving me peace of mind to get on with my work, worry free. Thoroughly recommendable!”.

Bruno Butragueno
Bruno Butragueno

Business Development

"Since the first communication with AsterLion, it has all been great service and easy steps. The team is extremely professional and always is there to solve your questions or doubts.  The whole process of getting established might seem like a big deal, but the AsterLion team walk you through it step by step with the outmost professionalism. What seemed to be hard and slow, becomes easy and fast with the services provided from Aster Lion."

Jane Wang
Jane Wang

Managing Director - D.E. Consulting

“We have worked with Aster Lion for several years. They are professional, efficient and friendly. Tailor made solutions to our needs are the best part of their services. Their staff are very experienced and hard working. We are impressed of their focus and dedication in what they do!“

Andrew Plumridge
Andrew Plumridge

Business Development

“Aster Lion have been supporting me in business now for 2 years and had set the bar very high for their service back in 2020. At every step of the way, they have maintained this high level of service throughout. Their knowledge and experience has given me stress free management for my business requirements.”

Ian Cardno
Ian Cardno

Marine Warranty Surveyor

“I was very lucky to be connected to Aster Lion as they assisted me with my HR requirements to get set up in Thailand. The process was carried out in a very professional and timely manner, without any issues and the communication was also very clearly explained to me throughout the engagement. I would highly recommend Aster Lion to anyone with HR or Payroll requirements in Thailand.”

Capt. Chris Baker
Capt. Chris Baker

Offshore Installation Manager

"During the time that I have been working with Aster Lion Consulting, I have found them to be efficient in handling my business in all respects. I have found their staff to be professional, courteous and timely in both organising my affairs and in keeping personal appointments. I have already recommended them to several of my colleagues who have taken advantage of their service and would do so again without hesitation."


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Benefits of Using a Payroll Specialist in Thailand

Benefits of Using a Payroll Specialist in Thailand

Engaging the services of a Payroll Solution Specialist in Thailand unfolds a host of advantages, enhancing the efficiency and seamlessness of your business expansion. Here’s a detailed exploration of the benefits a Payroll Solution Specialist can offer as a valuable ally in your venture:

Thorough Understanding of Thai Law:
A proficient Payroll Solution Specialist possesses extensive knowledge of Thai labor laws, regulations, and compliance necessities. This expertise is pivotal in ensuring that your business adheres to local legal standards, safeguarding against potential legal complexities.

Efficient Administrative Processes:
Payroll Solution Specialists handle all administrative tasks associated with hiring and maintaining compliance, including tax submissions, work permits, and employment contracts. This not only saves time but also alleviates the administrative burden on your business.

Full Compliance with Thai Labor Law:
Compliance with Thai labor law is meticulously managed by a Payroll Solution Specialist, reducing the risk of disputes or legal complications. Every aspect is aligned with local laws, ensuring a solid legal foundation.

Risk Mitigation:
With Payroll Solution support, risks related to labor disputes and legal issues are minimized. Their proficiency in managing employment relationships and staying abreast of evolving laws ensures your business remains legally sound.

Local Insights and Networks:
Payroll Solution Specialists often possess well-established networks and local insights beneficial for your business. They assist in navigating the intricacies of the Thai market, offering guidance on cultural practices and business customs.

Peace of Mind:
Partnering with a Payroll Solution Specialist allows you to concentrate on core business activities, confident that employment intricacies, taxation, and compliance are expertly managed. This peace of mind is invaluable for businesses aiming for growth and success in Thailand.

In essence, a Payroll Solution Specialist in Thailand functions as a supportive ally, streamlining your market expansion and ensuring full compliance with local laws. Their expertise empowers you to seize opportunities, mitigate risks, and embark on a journey of growth and prosperity in Thailand.

Payroll Services:

Payroll Services: ​

  • Monthly Payroll Processing: Calculate and process employee salaries, deductions, and bonuses accurately and in compliance with local regulations.
  • Tax Compliance: Manage and ensure timely submission of tax filings and payments to relevant authorities.
  • Social Security and Provident Fund: Administer and report on social security contributions and provident fund payments.
  • Pay slips and Reporting: Provide detailed pay slips to employees and generate comprehensive payroll reports for clients.

Why Choose Us

Customized Payroll Solutions:

Customized Payroll Solutions:

Aster Lion provides tailored payroll services crafted to suit the unique needs of your business, fostering a personalized and efficient partnership.

Industry-Specific Proficiency:

Industry-Specific Proficiency:

Our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in your sector, offering valuable insights and strategies to keep your business at the forefront.

Adaptable and Responsive:

Adaptable and Responsive:

As a boutique firm specializing in payroll services, we are agile and quick to adapt. Our commitment to responsiveness allows us to promptly address challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

Direct Leadership Involvement:

Direct Leadership Involvement:

Partnering with us means direct access to senior consultants engaged at every stage of your payroll services. This ensures hands-on expertise and focused attention, guaranteeing the success of your initiatives.

What We Offer

What We Offer

Tailored Solutions:
Craft personalized services that precisely align with the unique needs of our clients. Aster Lion provides flexible packages and customizable solutions designed to meet the specific requirements of each client based on their size, industry, and business intricacies.

Compliance Mastery:
Aster Lion excels in navigating Thailand’s intricate labor laws, tax regulations, and compliance standards. With our profound expertise, we stand as a reliable authority, ensuring clients adhere to the law meticulously and minimizing the risk of penalties.

Transparent Communication:
Prioritize transparent communication with our clients. At Aster Lion, we keep clients informed about changes in regulations, payroll processing timelines, and any potential impacts on their business. Openness is the foundation of the trust we build.

Dedicated Assistance:
Experience the Aster Lion difference with dedicated client support for all payroll-related inquiries. Our responsive and knowledgeable support team sets us apart in the market, providing clients with peace of mind and unwavering support.

Integrated EOR and Payroll Packages:
Leverage the powerful synergy between EOR and payroll services at Aster Lion. Explore the advantages of our integrated solution, offering streamlined onboarding and offboarding, unified reporting, and simplified management for a seamless business experience.

How Aster Lion's Thailand Payroll Services Can Help

How Aster Lion's Thailand Payroll
Services Can Help

Reach out to our team for a free consultation to understand the requirements and steps involved in getting you set up and running a business in Thailand.

We’ll help you navigate through the entire process to ensure you’re up and running with the least amount of steps.  You can reach us directly on or enter your details below and someone from our team will reach out.

Aster Lion is an Employer of Record based in Thailand providing the following services:

  • Corporate Secretary
  • Visa & Work Permits
  • HR & Payroll Solutions

Let us know how we can help you!



Need Help? Contact Us For a Free Consultation

Need Help? Contact Us For a
Free Consultation

And Receive Your Thailand Market Report

And Receive Your Thailand
Market Report

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