Month: June 2020

Board of Investment (BOI) Support – Businesses in Thailand

How the Board of Investment (BOI) Supports Foreign Businesses Setting up in Thailand Overview Throughout the world, Thailand is known as a friendly haven for business. That reputation is backed up by international rankings. For instance, the World Bank awarded Thailand a 78.45 Ease of Doing Business (EODB) score in its 2019 report. That score—up …

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One Belt, One Road: Thailand’s Place in the New Silk Road Initiative

Overview A multi-trillion-dollar initiative spearheaded by China aims to restructure intercontinental trade through a linked maritime and land network. This initiative is based on the ancient trading routes popularly known as the Silk Road. Named for the lucrative silk trade carried out along its length, the original Silk Road began about 200 BC and fizzled …

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Thai Infrastructure

Thai Infrastructure

By and large, Thailand’s infrastructure is excellent, but it is better in the cities than in rural towns and remote regions. However, the communications infrastructure is robust, and an initiative is in place to dramatically improve transportation infrastructure. This nation-wide initiative will improve transport by road, rail, air, and water. It should ease urban and …

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Thailand 4.0

Thailand 4.0

Thailand 4.0: An Economic Model that Marries High-Tech and High-Touch The government unveiled the “Thailand 4.0” economic initiative in 2016, touting it as the “…master plan to free Thailand from the middle-income trap, making it a high-income nation in five years.” Although the time frame of the plan may need to be extended a bit …

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World’s Fastest-Growing Region

Thailand: A Leading Destination for Foreign Direct Investment Foreign direct investment (FDI) is an important piece of Thailand’s economic puzzle. As such, the country actively courts foreign investment through its Board of Investment (BOI). The BOI promotions are paying off handsomely, as business-friendly Thailand is one of the leading FDI destinations in Southeast Asia. In …

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