Your Ultimate Guide:

Becoming a Long Term Resident (LTR) in Thailand

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Book a Free Consultation and
Receive your complimentary
Thailand SMART & LTR Visa Requirement Checklist

Your Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Long Term Resident in Thailand

Your Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Long Term Resident in Thailand

Be sure to check out the details for Your Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Long Term Resident in Thailand.

The Long Term Resident (LTR) visa that has recently been announced is a program designed to attract ‘high-potential’ foreigners to Thailand.  By providing a seamless application and approval process it offers many benefits to individuals who are looking to Thailand as a destination to work, retire and simply reside in.

It is attractive to individuals by offering benefits such as a visa which is valid for 10 years and a range of tax and non-tax benefits.

LTR is available for the following groups:

  • Wealthy global citizens
  • Wealthy pensioners
  • Professionals working in Thailand
  • Highly skilled workers

Holders of an LTR visa will be eligible for many benefits which have been designed to make living in Thailand long term easier.  *Examples include:

  • Special Personal Income Tax (PIT) rate of 17% for Highly Skilled Professionals.
  • Tax exempted for overseas income.
  • Permission to work in Thailand. Holders of the LTR will be eligible to receive a Digital Work Permit.

*As your individual Tax situation may differ and be complex, it is advised to always check with a Tax expert on your specific requirements and obligations.  You can reach out to a Tax expert or Employer of Record such as Aster Lion to assist you to ensure you remain compliant.

Thailand Long Term Visa

The LTR visa allows foreigners to remain in Thailand for up to ten years and a total of four dependents (such as spouse and children) may be granted a visa as well.

Other benefits include:

  • Valid for a period of 10 years.
  • No more 90 reporting
  • Multiple re-entry permits
  • Possibility to obtain a work permit
  • Income tax incentives
  • Airport Fast Track service
  • Exempted from the employment requirement ratio
  • Use of the Fast Track Service at qualifying airports

Even with your SMART or LTR Visa, you need to remain compliant with tax and statutory requirements. Engage Aster Lion to get your visa and look after these requirements while you focus on growing your business!



Check here to understand the requirements for each category to ensure you meet the qualifications.

Prepare documentation:

Download Your Thailand SMART & LTR Visa Requirement Checklist from our website and check all the documentation required for submission.

Free Consultation:

Our team will go through your details to ensure everything is correct


Our team will consolidate all detail and submit your application to BOI and ensure a smooth and timely approval.

Obtaining a Digital Work Permit:

Our visa expert will assist the applicant in applying for the Digital Work Permit at the One Stop Service Center for Visa and Work Permits.


How long does it take to receive an LTR?

Approximately 2-3 months.

Can I bring my family to Thailand as dependents?

Yes it is possible for you to bring your family as dependents under the LTR visa.

Can I work/seek employment using an LTR visa?

Yes, the LTR visa offers the possibility for holders to obtain a digital work permit.

Can I leave and re-enter Thailand using an LTR?

Yes, the LTR visa comes with multiple re-entry permits

Did you know that Thailand offers different types of Visa. Still deciding which option is better for you.  You can check out this article on Thailand Digital Nomad Visa: SMART vs. Long Term Resident to help you decide. Or you can check out our Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Digital Nomad in Thailand as a comprehensive guide with all options available to you. 

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Do Thailand Digital Nomads Have to Pay Tax?

Do Thailand Digital Nomads
Have to Pay Tax?

Your obligation to pay tax will vary greatly depending on the type of Visa you secure.  Because of the complexity, it’s best to engage with a Tax or Employer of Record expert such as Aster Lion to ensure you are compliant with your tax and statutory requirements. 



Stephen Park
Stephen Park

Senior Well Test Supervisor

“When you are a professional working remotely from Thailand you need a reliable and efficient agency for your HR related matters. Aster Lion have done exactly that over the last 2 years giving me peace of mind to get on with my work, worry free. Thoroughly recommendable!”.

Bruno Butragueno
Bruno Butragueno

Business Development

"Since the first communication with AsterLion, it has all been great service and easy steps. The team is extremely professional and always is there to solve your questions or doubts.  The whole process of getting established might seem like a big deal, but the AsterLion team walk you through it step by step with the outmost professionalism. What seemed to be hard and slow, becomes easy and fast with the services provided from Aster Lion."

Jane Wang
Jane Wang

Managing Director - D.E. Consulting

“We have worked with Aster Lion for several years. They are professional, efficient and friendly. Tailor made solutions to our needs are the best part of their services. Their staff are very experienced and hard working. We are impressed of their focus and dedication in what they do!“

Andrew Plumridge
Andrew Plumridge

Business Development

“Aster Lion have been supporting me in business now for 2 years and had set the bar very high for their service back in 2020. At every step of the way, they have maintained this high level of service throughout. Their knowledge and experience has given me stress free management for my business requirements.”

Ian Cardno
Ian Cardno

Marine Warranty Surveyor

“I was very lucky to be connected to Aster Lion as they assisted me with my HR requirements to get set up in Thailand. The process was carried out in a very professional and timely manner, without any issues and the communication was also very clearly explained to me throughout the engagement. I would highly recommend Aster Lion to anyone with HR or Payroll requirements in Thailand.”

Capt. Chris Baker
Capt. Chris Baker

Offshore Installation Manager

"During the time that I have been working with Aster Lion Consulting, I have found them to be efficient in handling my business in all respects. I have found their staff to be professional, courteous and timely in both organising my affairs and in keeping personal appointments. I have already recommended them to several of my colleagues who have taken advantage of their service and would do so again without hesitation."


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How Hiring a Professional Employer of Record Partner Can Help

How Hiring a Professional Employer of Record
Partner Can Help

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A professional Employer of Record (EOR provider) can help your firm fulfill your Thailand staffing requirements and you can save money, paperwork, labor costs, and legal troubles by working with a firm that specializes in Thailand EOR & payroll solutions.


These specialized firms already know and comply with Thai employment law, whether you need a local labor force supplemented by in-person or remote workers, or you just need assistance paying your employees properly.

How Aster Lion Can Help

How Aster Lion Can Help

Reach out to our team for a free consultation to understand the requirements and steps involved in getting you set up and running a business in Thailand.

We’ll help you navigate through the entire process to ensure you’re up and running with the least amount of steps.  You can reach us directly by entering your details below and someone from our team will reach out.

Aster Lion is an Employer of Record based in Thailand providing the following services:

  • Visa & Work Permits Including Digital Nomad Visa options
  • Corporate Secretary Services
  • HR & Payroll Solutions

Let us know how we can help you!


Need Help? Contact Us For a Free Consultation

Need Help? Contact Us For a
Free Consultation

And Receive Your Thailand SMART & LTR Visa Requirement Checklist

And Receive Your Thailand SMART & LTR Visa Requirement Checklist

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