Work Permit in Thailand – Everything You Need to Know

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Work Permit in Thailand – Everything You Need to Know

Are you a non-citizen looking to explore working in Thailand? Or, do you have a job opportunity lined up already? Then you should know that you will need to secure a work permit in Thailand. However, you must first apply for and get a non-immigrant visa before you enter Thailand.

An Employer of Record, Aster Lion, outlines the steps to get a valid work permit.Read on to know how to apply for a non-immigrant visa and, after that, a work permit for Thailand.

The Non-Immigrant Visa

First, obtain the non-immigrant category ‘B’ visa to travel to Thailand for work or business. You can choose from these two Thailand Visa categories, namely;

1.     Single-Entry Visa

A foreigner can gain access to Thailand only for one time in three months using a single-entry visa. The three-month validity period starts from the application date.

This type of visa takes two business days to process, as long as you meet the requirements. To get a single-entry permit, the applicant should have;

  • A valid passport, with two blank pages
  • The passport should have a remaining validity period of six months
  • A copy of the main page of the valid passport, the photo, and personal details
  • Embassy fee

After the successful procession, you will get your visa which facilitates entry to Thailand. After that, you can apply for a work permit.

2.     Multi-Entry Visa

A multiple-entry visa facilitates a foreign citizen’s entry to Thailand. The multi-entry pass guarantees you to stay in Thailand for one year.

The validity period of a multi-entry visa started from the date when the authority issued the permit.

You can enter and exit Thailand one time every ninety days. You may enter or depart by air, sea, or land means of travel at least once in the ninety days. You must adhere to this rule to enjoy the one-year validity period of the visa.

A foreigner will have to choose between the two types of visa depending on their type of work. There might be more requirements needed depending on the work they are to do in Thailand.

Thailand has a special provision for nationals of;

  • The United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • The United States of America.

Citizens of other countries can get multiple-entry visas from their embassies. To apply for a multiple-entry visa, you will need;

  • A passport of six months validity period
  • An invitation letter or a letter showing confirmation by the company sponsoring you. The letter should state the reason for the applicant traveling to Thailand.
  • Proof of your finances
  • Travel itinerary
  • Embassy fee charges
  • Supporting documents if or when required by the Royal Thai Embassy.

The Cost of a Thailand Non-immigrant Visa

Many factors determine the amount you will pay for a Thai non-immigrant visa. Such determinants may include visa validity period and local currency. However, expect to pay about;

  • *2,000 Thai Baht- single-entry Non-Immigrant visa valid for three months
  • *5,000 Thai Baht- multiple-entry Non-Immigrant visa valid for one year

*This only pertains to the actual visa costs and does not include any costs associated with agency fees to assist with the process.

Work Permit Thailand

To work or conduct business in the land of smiles, you will need a work permit. After successful processing of the non-immigrant visa, you will have access to Thailand. Once in Thailand, you can apply for a work permit.

A work permit gives you the right to conduct business or do a job in Thailand. The pass allows you to do only the work you applied for under the registered company as in the permit. You cannot switch jobs with that permit unless you request a new one.

If you wish to seek employment out of your work permit area, you must report to the immigration authority. You may end up applying for another permit with the latest registered employer.

Thailand doesn’t allow foreigners to work in all occupations as in the Alien Employment Act. Verify if Thailand enables the business you intend to run.

The Thailand work permit only applies to the employment and employer as stated in the contract. Your employer may end your contract before time. If this happens, have all travel documents ready to return home.

An invalid work permit is not a basis to deport a foreigner if their visa is valid. But, a foreigner may stay in Thailand while reapplying for another work permit. Your work contract terms may not cater to an exit plan.

How Long Does It Take to Process the Thailand Work Permit?

Once you have the non-immigrant ‘B’ visa, you can apply for the Thailand work permit. The Ministry of Labor takes seven business days to do a full background check and process the permit.

How to Apply for Thailand Work Permit

The Board of Investment of Thailand has a hand in promoting some businesses.

The application process for a work permit will depend on the BOI support of the applicant’s firm.

If the BOI promotes the company you intend to work in, you can apply at the One-Stop Service Center in Bangkok. The address is 319 Phaya Thai Rd, Khwaeng Pathum Wan.

If the BOI doesn’t promote the company you intend to work in, apply for the permit at the Ministry of Labor in Bangkok.

Requirements for Applying for a Work Permit

To apply for a Thai work permit, the employer and employee must submit some documents.

The Company

The company providing you with a job should provide the following documents;

  • The company registration certificate
  • A list showing the shareholders of the company. They should be certified by the Department of Commercial Registration.
  • A VAT certificate and evidence of VAT filings
  • Withholding tax of the company
  • A present financial statement
  • A copy of the passport and work permit of the company director. The director’s signature should also be in the documentation.
  • The company’s location
  • The employment contract between the company and employee
  • An employment letter indicating the job position, requirements, and the applicant’s salary

On the other hand, the foreign national seeking employment must submit;

  • Two-inch passport photo
  • A valid medical certificate
  • A valid original passport
  • The employment letter from the company
  • A copy of a signed non-immigrant visa and the original visa
  • A physical address in Thailand where they will be living
  • The original academic certificate and a copy of the same
  • Departure card TM.6

If the applicant has a spouse of Thai nationality, they should provide:

  • The marriage certificate of the applicant
  • The applicant’s spouse identification card and registration number
  • A copy of each page of the applicant’s passport; both sides of the passport jacket

These documents should be in Thai. If not, you may get a request to dispense translated copies notarized by your embassy.

Regulations to Follow

Once granted, you should have the permit with you at all times and mainly within working hours. You should show a government official if they ask for it. Failure to produce it when requested will result in a fine of 1,000 baht.

If you lose or damage your work permit, apply for a replacement in 15 days. If you fail to replace it, you risk a 500-baht penalty.

You can only do the work stated in the permit. If your description changes or office address changes, notify the authority for revisions. Failure to comply can result in a one-month jail term or a fine of 2,000 baht.

If you resign from your job, return the permit within seven days or risk a fine of 1,000 baht.

To extend your permit, visit the Immigration Bureau before it expires. If you violate this rule, you face three-month imprisonment and (or) a fine of 5,000 baht.

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